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Fleet Management

Ktrack fleet management system allow you to make your business more efficient, improve security, prevent theft, decrease fuel consumption, increased productivity and efficiency in your business.

Vehicle Tracking

Ktrack offers a powerful GPS vehicle traking solution.You can keep an eye on your mobile workforce with ease.Our traking solution provides a cost effective option to prevent speeding, track vehicle locations and log vehicle history.

Personal Tracking

Ktrack personal traking allow you to ethically track indiciduals using a pocket sized tracking device.If offers many of the same features as our fleet management or asset tracking solutions.

Asset Tracking

Ktrack asset tracking providers frequent loacation updates for all of your expensive assets. Whether its a oil patch equipment, cargo container, valuable asset or a mining dump track, you can rest assure that your assets won’t go missing.

We have been extremely fortunate that we installed Ktrackgps just when we needed it most. We have since cut down on costs hugely and able to better manage our sales projections.
-- Williams, Bert --

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